In the 1960s and 1970s, playwright Robert Patrick led an underground theatre movement that questioned the future through a series of quirky, minimalist science fiction plays. For La MaMa’s 55th season, CultureHub and SeoulArts re-staged these original plays by one of La MaMa’s first playwrights, not as vintage nostalgia, but as startlingly contemporary works far ahead of their time that allow us to see our digital lives in a whole new light.

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What makes this powerful theater is not artistic theory but the galvanizing and immersive experience of each of the plays. Directors Billy Clark, Jason Trucco, and Park Il Kyu brilliantly orchestrate each of the pieces using video, traditional staging, and a changing environment to enroll the audience in each piece.
— Gay City News

Presented by CultureHub and La MaMa E.T.C. in association with the Seoul Institute of the Arts


Robert Patrick - Playwright
Billy Clark, Jason Trucco - Director
Mattie McMaster - Production Manager
Joe Levasseur - Lighting Design
Sangmin Chae - Video Capture / Editing
John Dyer - Live Sound Composer
John King - Pre-Recorded Sound
Wolfgang Gil - Multi-Channel Sound Specialist
Agosto Machado, John Gutierrez, Harold Lehmann, Valois Marie Mickens, Yeena Sung - Ensemble
Youngsun Lim, Boran Kim, Sujeong Kim, Jisu Nam, Injeong Jo, Geunwoo Koo, Subin Kim - Crew


Park Il Kyu - Director
Maheum Han - Ensemble when performed telematically with Seoul Institute of the Arts in Korea