S.O.'s Past Projects 

Ghost Komungobot

Conceived by Jin Hi Kim, is an interdisciplinary performance for ghost (algorithmic virtual robotic instrument), electric komungo, and visual media. Developed in collaboration with Benton C. Bainbridge and Alex Noyes this project engaged Jin Hi's electronic Komungo in an interactive performance featuring a variety of mediated elements including digital video, lasers, and interactive sound elements. 

Credit: A/V system design, installation, livestreaming, and system operation



Invisible Man Workshop 

As part of a month long residence at CultureHub, students from the Seoul Institute of the Arts produced an immersive, interactive environment and theatrical piece exploring Ralph Ellison's text Invisible Man.  The project was co-taught by Charlotte Braithwaite.

Credit: Co-Teacher, Visual Programmer,Technical Direction



Multi-Media Theater Workshop

Devised in collaboration with puppeteer and theater artist, Josh Rice, students investigated various approaches to multi-media production. Using live-feed video, green screen, and projection mapping techniques students developed a series of short experimental and interactive performances. 

Credit: Co-Teacher, Visual Programming,Technical Direction


The Return

Under the guidance of puppeteer Tom Lee, students from the Seoul Institute of the Arts and Sarah Lawrence College produced a live telematic performance exploring the evolution of technology and its effects on human development. This interdisciplinary project provided students the opportunity to create a mediated theatrical piece using traditional puppetry, live-video feed, object tracking, and visual programming. 

Credits: A/V systems design, installation, livestreaming, and system operation


Presented at PS122's COIL festival, this integrated media performance explored the role of black presence in sci-fi history. Directed and choreographed by Niv Acosta and collaborators. 

Credits: A/V systems design, installation, and operation.