Time No Line focuses on how we can identify collective histories through the experience of an individual. This new solo performance work integrates movement, song, live drawing, and interactions with projected texts and images as the components of a live dramatic autobiographical narrative. This work utilizes themes and details of John Kelly’s personal history as a survivor of a generation of artists that emerged out of the East Village performance scene of the 1980’s and was subsequently decimated by the AIDS pandemic. One of the goals of this work is to contribute to a dialogue that addresses this rift in our cultural and social continuity

Time No Line

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Mr. Kelly packs a lot in about 75 minutes, yet he also knows when to let things breathe and he performs songs to signal both parenthesis and emphasis — a Joni Mitchell tune, of course, but also a Purcell aria and the Charles Aznavour ballad “What Makes a Man.” Time, then, is not just nonlinear but magically suspended.
— The New York Times, Critics' Pick

John Kelly - Text, Movement, Video Design (center channel) and Performance  
CultureHub - Projection and Media Design; Video Design (side channels)
Joe Levasseur - Lighting Design
Jon Kinzel - Movement Dramaturgy  
Hjordis Linn-Blanford - Stage Management
Craig Hensala - Associate Producer for John Kelly

Archival Film Sequences: 
Me O Ye Gods (1992) and Painting on Glass (1984) by Anthony Chase
Romeo and Juliet Choreography by Kenneth McMillan, Performed by Margot Fonteyn and Rudolph Nureyev
Hucklefaery - Video Performance
Peter Hujar, Steven Menendez, Dona Ann McAdams, Arthur Lambert, David Armstrong, John Dugdale - Still Photography on Video