The course was amazing. Classes like this are the reason I went back to school. I learned so many wonderful techniques and have never taken a better class.
— Tong Yin, New School student


CultureHub has been a pioneer in distance education since its founding in 2009. Our networked studios in New York, Los Angeles, Seoul, Korea and Spoleto, Italy allow artists, educators and students to collaborate with their international partners in a fully immersive and global way. We have hosted educational exchanges with Serbia, Berlin, United Kingdom, Colombia, Alaska, Hawaii and many other diverse locations. Our team works tirelessly to stay current with the newest and most flexible tools for collaborating over distance. 

With the support of our founders La MaMa and the Seoul Institute of the Arts, CultureHub serves hundreds of teens, young adults, and university level students annually, introducing them to techniques at the vanguard of art & technology.

CultureHub has created for-credit courses for our partners at Sarah Lawrence College, CUNY Hunter College, NYU Gallatin, and the New School, linking local college students with their peers around the world. We also make customized courses for community partners such as the Boys Club of NYC.



The CultureHub Bootcamp is a two-to-four week international exchange program focused on interdisciplinary collaboration and the creative use of technology. Students participating in the program will travel to New York City to work with professional artists representing a wide variety of disciplines. Workshops will provide a unique opportunity for participants to connect, design, and create in a dynamic, hands-on environment.

The workshops lay the foundational skills that students apply during an intensive production process. The Bootcamp culminates in a final public showcase for invited guests at the CultureHub studio. Students will be oriented to the latest art & tech practices, and introduced to emerging technologies for performance. 

Throughout the Bootcamp period, students attend theatrical productions, visit museums, and other cultural offerings. These outings are contextualized by and discussed with the Bootcamp teaching artists to relate the course of study to current professional practice.



CoLab is CultureHub’s free summer intensive for young artists ages 15–20.

At CoLab young artists will connect, design, and create original projects in collaboration with professional artists and creative technologists. Working with their peers, participants will build towards an original piece to share with friends and family at the end of the workshop. Over the course of ten days, students will explore interdisciplinary art forms, themes, and techniques in fun, hands-on modules.